Friday, September 30, 2011

BP2 iGoogle PLE

Hello Everyone,
Today I post my iGoogle Home Page Tabs and talk about the experience of setting iGoogle up as my home page.
I am happy to say that the experience was a great one, and I have my Teacher Techies Team to thank. I had used google of course but my team members were talking about iGoogle and Google Docs. The team has used Google Docs for earlier team projects. Google+ has allowed us to work in a team video conference. So having said that, it is clear that using iGoogle as my homepage makes perfect sense and will just keep me organized. ORGANIZED?? that is a new concept for me! LOL. How did I feel about  the experience? I really enjoyed it, and I look forward to exploring more gadgets for my homepage!
Hope everyone has a great day!



  1. It's awesome to see the screenshots of the igoogle home page with your new tabs. I love the landscape nature photography theme with these gadgets.... Thats the feel of my wordpress site. We have a common thread here & it feels very zen. Catch ya in wimba, your igoogle home page looks nice & organized.

  2. Hey David,

    I agree with Tessa and like the naturalistic views at the top of your pages in iGoogle too. The kid in me chose to go in a different direction. I picked some that had cartoon like features and colors that really stand out. I like the simplicity of iGoogle and have to agree that is one of those organizational tools that makes searching through personal and educational stuff online much easier.