Saturday, October 22, 2011

RILS Comments

Please follow this link to my comments about Amandacast RILS

Please follow this link to my comments about Sahpreem's RILS


In my earlier Blog entries PE_4 and 5 it was clear that I was having trouble with assignment. I was to introduce a Relevant and Innovative Learning Scenario using a Web 2.0 tool. The tool I chose to use was  a word mapping site. My school district blocked this site because it is a web tool, and the district filter will not allow the use of Freeware. I spent over an week and half working with our technology department to get the site unblocked. In the end they ended up calling the support people from our filter and working with them. As of yesterday the site was still blocked.

I now have worked on an alternative assignment to do. I will be posting my RILS revised plan and a video about how Tagxedo works and can be used in your classroom.

Relevant and Innovative Learning Scenario
David Mouri

Corrected RILS

·      Target Audience
o   The target audiences are my special needs students in the Freeport High School Life Skills Program. These students represent IQ’s ranges from 41 to 65, disabilities including, Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cognitively Disabled, and Tourette’s Syndrome. Ages 14 to 20. Reading Grade Levels range from pre-primer to 3rd grade fluency and 2nd grade comprehension. The RILS will be used during 2nd hour of a 7 hour day of classes.

·      Materials

o   Instructor
o   Promethean Interactive Whiteboard
o   1 teacher pen
o   2 student pens
o   Internet Access – Windows Explorer

o   URL:
§  Youtube Tutorial of Tagxedo.

o   The definition of an adjective for display on the whiteboard so students can see what it means.
o   Have students then write a definition in their own words.
o   Have students draw a picture to illustrate the meaning of the word.
o   Examples of descriptive words about the themselves “I am tall” , “ I have blue eyes and brown hair”
o   Microsoft Word Open to a blank page document

o   Students
o   Computer with Microsoft Word Open to Blank document
o   Scratch Paper
o   Pencil

·      Objectives
o   At the end of this activity students will be able to display
o   Knowledge – of what an adjective is
o   Comprehension - Make a list of adjectives that describe themselves
o   Application – Will use Tagxedo to display their descriptive adjectives to represent themselves in the shape of their choosing or their own still picture.
o   Synthesis – Descriptive words will be displayed in the shapes of their choice. Students will be able to explain why they chose that shape, and what key words stand out the most that describe who they are.
o   Evaluation – Students will be able to evaluate and make comments about each others Tagxedo

·      Procedure
o   Make sure a definition of the word Adjective is displayed on a whiteboard or SMART board for the students to see.
o   Have a short discussion about the definition and give some examples. “I am six feet tall, and weigh 145lbs”
o   Put a picture of a boy and or girl up. Present a list of adjectives on the board about each picture. Have students take turns coming to the board and dragging the adjective to the correct pictures.
o   Put the list on the board.
o   Put the picture of ME  (Mr. Mouri) Have the students write down adjectives that describe Mr. Mouri
o   Have the students write 5 adjectives that describe themselves on a piece of paper. Make sure their name is on the paper
o   Pull out one paper and read it slowly and have the students guess the student you are reading about.
o   Give the students some more time and have them write 5 more words about themselves.
o   When they have completed this list they should have a list of 10 words.
o   Next have the students write down other personal information:
§  Name
§  Address
§  Age
§  Place of Birth
§  County they live in
§  Brothers and Sisters Names
§  Parents Names
§  Height
§  Weight
o   Present them with the Tagxedo example. Explain to the students what they are going to do.
o   Show the Tagxedo made with screenflow video.
o   After they complete the task and have their tagxedo printed and displayed, challenge the students to one more task.
o   Have student’s pair up and challenge them to use adjectives to describe their partner. “Michael is tall” give some examples and refer back to what they said about Mr. Mouri’s picture.
o   They are to choose each others shape based on they list of adjectives they came up with. The list should have 10 words on it.
·      Emergent Technology (Web 2.0 Tool)
o   Tagxedo is a word-mapping tool that allows the students to be creative using words they come up with. They can choose a font, color and shape to represent their words they came up with about themselves.

·      Social Participation/Social Learning
o   Interactive discussion with teacher about the definition
o   Groups discussion – Describing Mr. Mouri – List words on whiteboard
o   Student participation with dragging the adjectives to the correct picture
o   Students working with a partner to come up adjectives about each other.

·      Making Connections
o   Students previous knowledge of personal information – Name, address,
place of birth, family members.
o   Information about themselves is something they are asked to fill out on forms, assignments, interview process, IEP meetings
o   Word Map will present themselves to their fellow students and with parents
·      Create/Produce
o   Students will produce one Tagxedo about themselves using their own words
o   Students will produce one Tagxedo about their partner
·      Assessment
o   Students would have been able to write their own definition of what a adjective is
o   Students will have drawn a picture that reminds them of the definition
o   Students will be able to drag the correct adjective to the correct picture
o   Students will be able to describe Mr. Mouri
o   Students will come up with 10 words describing themselves
o   Students will come up with 10 words to describe their partner
o   Students will produce two Tagxedos
·      Reflection
o   Students will reflect on how they like the activity, what they learned, and how they like their Tagxedo. Comments will be placed in their PENZU journals.
o   Teacher will fill out an evaluation sheet narrative on the lesson. Personally I will place my comments on my blog.

Materials Needed: Computer Workstation, Internet connection, Piece of paper to record personal information on, Picture of Mr. Mouri and a Boy to project on Promethean Board, Promethean Board Pen and blank Flipchart.

Here is a video of how you can use Tagxedo. I hope you can use it in your classroom


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Today the site Tagxedo was still blocked and no word from the technology department today. I am so backed into a wall now. Tomorrow I will make a decision to start mt RILS  completely over all because of a internet filter.

I will look at the using another word cloud site called Worditout
I made a wordcloud based on my RILS frustration so far. Enjoy.

Tagxedo Blunder


Monday, October 17, 2011


I would love to tell you that my frustrations were gone today because Tagxedo is approved and ready to go! NOT...In fact technology would not even answer my emails today! I still have no access.....I will try tomorrow and if it does not happen I will have to BAIL and find another tool!!!!
They let me have a Promethean Interactive Whiteboard with RESTRICTIONS!!! GRRRRRRR

Sunday, October 16, 2011

DigiGogy: New Web Stuff 10/14/2011

DigiGogy: New Web Stuff 10/14/2011: The 5 Cs: Consume, connect, create, contribute and commit! « Connecting the dots The 5 Cs: Consume, ...

Saturday, October 15, 2011


My plan on Monday is to go in and see if the site is unblocked, and if it is not I will call the Technology department and see what can be done.
In the meantime I have started a lesson on adjectives. My special needs students have a really hard time using adjectives especially about themselves. I was wanted to find out what type of words they could use about themselves and asked them to come up with 10 words. I gave the example of Santa Claus is fat and jolly.  I have black hair. Well after that the kids took off and were able to come up with 10 words about themselves.

Well we will see what happens on Monday.

PE4 Tagxedo

Well this week has been so very busy. I would love to say that everything has gone well with the creation of the RILS but that would be a lie!

It is hard knowing what a great tool this is and what it can be used for when your school district is not very fast at moving into the 21st century when it comes to the use of technology. Yes tagxedo is blocked and I am working to get it unblocked.

I explained to our tech department that I was using it for a grad school project and I needed it as soon as possible. So on Friday the email went back and forth and they said it was unblocked. When I pulled it up did it work they sent someone over. Did he get it to work NO, so here I sit. I thought I would share with you what I feel like using Tagxedo:

Wish me Luck

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quartet Video

Here are some songs my quartet sang in our annual show this past Saturday Night. My video person was not able to shoot very close, so we look tiny sorry. We had not sung together in a couple of months but I think we did ok.


Ok I mentioned that I dressed up like a deer. Here is the pic you have all been waiting for...
Quartet Video to follow

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Yes I have completed the video training, and really enjoyed it.Here is the copy of my certificate. I viewed the last sections on sharing, and that was very straight forward.

I really did have a good time watching this training video material. I look forward to using more of the many features down the road in this masters program. 

Here is my final video for this project.

    I hope you enjoyed my trip to the BIG APPLE!
I should explain how I did the green screen. I did not have a wall available that was green but I did have my Promethean Interactive White Board in my classroom. I made the board green! and used that to tape my video BUT as you can see the video picked up the refreshing of the white board! Oh well not perfect but the important thing is I know how to use the green screen tool and I could make another on with no problems.


This assignment has been LONG but lots of fun too. iMovie has been so fun to learn. I pride myself that I figured out many things on my own before watching the Lynda videos

This assignment has been LONG but lots of fun too. iMovie has been so fun to learn. I pride myself that I figured out many things on my own before watching the Lynda videos  I love how user friendly the videos are. They are easy to follow and the demonstrations are not too fast. Going back to them is easy and very handy.

I am going to do a video that shows the green screen feature.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Wow 3 hours of iMovie tutorials....well I first thought that I would not enjoy it at all. I was wrong, the presenter is awesome! He speaks clearly, and show what he is talking about clearly, he does not rush, and I like the advice he gives as he goes along. I realized that I had figured out many things on my own, so now I can use them with more confidence, and precision. I think I need to clean my iMovie up LOL

Well time to go listen some more.


BP_4 Tagxedo

Wow What a cool Web 2.0 tool - TAGXEDO! What a fun program. This tool is great to use in my classroom setting because it allows me to challenge my kids to use descriptive words about themselves. My goal is to have them create a TAGEXDO with a shape and list of words that represent them, then display them around the room. It is going to be a lot of fun.

When i first opened the site, I was a little confused on how to to actually start the process, but after a few clicks I was able to figure it out. What is great about this tool, you can share this not only has a picture, but you can have it printed onto all sorts of media - cups, shirts, t-shirts, sweat shirt. It trully can be a persons keep sake.
Entering the word list was the hardiest part. the rest was very easy. The other section of the site was was very easy to follow with drop down menus. There were clear choices to make. I highly recommend this program. Wanna see what I made?
Why did I choose this figure and what is it all about??

See Y'all.

BP_6 Organization Needed

Hey everyone my iMovie project window will someday look like this I hope.

Thank you Cindi for being a good role model to me:) Check out what I said on her blog. Just click thid LINK and take a look.

BP_5Google Earth Trips What Fun

HI Everyone take a look at the post I left on Justin's blog. Clik on this link to get there.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Hello All,
This assignment could not have come at a better time. I have been using a web 2.0 tool called Popplet in my classroom for the past 3 weeks. I choose Popplett because it gave my special needs high school students away to make a visual study of our 50 states. Each student took a States Flashcard and used it as a reference. The students worked in pairs and searched in google for web images to place in their Popplet about their state. The students loved it! The assignment was going smoothly until it came time to add some photo images to their Popplets. The computers in my room are older and do not have lots of RAM in them, so my students found that Popplet was not working well with images. Seems that because of the lack of on board RAM images would be freeze up when they were loaded into a Popplet. Here is a screen shot of one of the popplet

Here is a short video of my class using Popplett:

So what do I do with that issue? Well I know I cannot change the amount of RAM I have in each workstation, I was able to find the web 2.0 tool called Prezi. Prezi is a presentation software tool that allows my students to start with a blank canvas. They will be able to enter the information and load images with no problems. I experimented on the workstations before hand so I know that Prezi will work well. The other good thing that has happened is that I have a new Promethean Interactive Whiteboard installed in my classroom. This means that I can teach how to use Prezi while my students mirror what I am doing on the white board. Here is a short video of my students learning Prezi. The activity went pretty good, but I think I will end up changing the way we use it.

Here is a short video of my class learning how to use Prezi:

The whole experience was fun and a little stressful. My students struggle at times with their computer skills, so I have to be careful and keep the lesson functional

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Video Request to see my quartet 2nd Opinion.

Some of my friends have requested a video of my quartet. I put up a short video the quality is not that great and we can sing better.