Friday, September 30, 2011

BP2 iGoogle PLE

Hello Everyone,
Today I post my iGoogle Home Page Tabs and talk about the experience of setting iGoogle up as my home page.
I am happy to say that the experience was a great one, and I have my Teacher Techies Team to thank. I had used google of course but my team members were talking about iGoogle and Google Docs. The team has used Google Docs for earlier team projects. Google+ has allowed us to work in a team video conference. So having said that, it is clear that using iGoogle as my homepage makes perfect sense and will just keep me organized. ORGANIZED?? that is a new concept for me! LOL. How did I feel about  the experience? I really enjoyed it, and I look forward to exploring more gadgets for my homepage!
Hope everyone has a great day!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BP1_ Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my blog. This blog will contain post from my Emergent Technologies course which is part of my master course Educational Media Design and Technology at Fullsail University. So during the day I am teaching high school Life Skills special education, and at night I am working on my masters at age 54 and singing barbershop music at night.
I chose Fullsails online masters program because it allowed me to continue to teach full time, sing barbershop and work on my masters. Wow almost a perfect world! Has it kept me busy? YES. Have I enjoyed it so far? YES. This masters program is hard, intense, and full of new and exciting things to learn. I have been able to use  some great new webtools like:
My days are filled with teaching as many functional daily life skills as I can, giving my special needs students the tools they need to become successful adults as they leave the high school setting. Let's face it I need to have some "me time, so  my other passion in life is Barbershop Music. I have a hobby  that is one of the four original art forms and I love to sing! That is a picture of my quartet 2nd Opinion, we have been together since 2005 and have finished as one of the top 10 quartets in the state of Illinois.
I hope to share a little of both worlds through this blog.