Sunday, May 20, 2012

MAC Wk 3 Leadership Project Hub

Wk 3 Leadership Project Hub

Welcome to the Illinois Council for Exceptional Children

 My plan is to present my AR project at two conferences, one on the state level and the other on the national level. I choice the Council for Exceptional Children because as a Special Education teacher this is one of the primary organizations that represent my population of students. 
My first choice is to present at the state level conference in Lisle, IL on November 1,2,3. I was able to collaborate with the chairperson in charge of presentations as I applied to present at the conference.  I have since found out that there are two possible presentation opportunities. The first would be to a Student section of Illinois Council for Exceptional Children in Lisle, Il at the state ICEC conference. I am waiting to here if I have been accepted for this one. 
The second opportunity is a the Illinois Council for Children with Behavior Disorders. I have officially been accepted to be a presenter at this conference on February 1, 2013 in Lisle, IL.  
The Third choice would be to National Council for Exceptional Children April 3-6 in San Antonio, TX
 I am not planning on doing this one alone. Faith Olarsch and I are applying as co-presenters. Our AR projects fit together well, so we are completing the application this week.

This will be a challenge for me personally because I have never presented before at a conference. It will be an adventure for sure. 

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful project... very creative and very complete. Two of the youtube videos did not play (embedding was not turned on). Great job.

    1. So I should embed them into the prezi instead?