Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2013 POST Full Sail Year

Hello Everyone!!! I have not been at my blog for awhile. The reason??? It is my Post Full Sail year! Was it a good year? Well...

How did my masters in Educational Media Design and Technology help my teaching?  I would love to say I used every tool I learned, but that would be a lie. I did make lots of video's this school year and the kids loved to see themselves. These video's helped them to learn how to express themselves, their ideas, and their knowledge. iMove has been a God send and it has been fun to use it.

Web 2.0 tools - I have introduced Comic Life, Popplet, Socrative, Animoto, and Voice Threads. Comic life has been the most successful because ease of use. Popplet would be good, but it is difficult to work with at the moment because of school district web policies.

Prezi - I have not used it much with my class, but I did use it for professional reasons. in our district as a tenured teacher I was to get  evaluated this year. I used Prezi to answer the questions on a rubric I was given. We were allowed to answer the questions anyway we Prezi, with video, and pics was my choice. It worked great!!! I did almost have a heart attack moment. My Vice Principal did some observations, then set a date for a meeting. I sent the Prezi via email. I came to the meeting and she had a funny look on her face.She said I don't have anything to go on except for what I observed. I don't know how to rate you. My mouth dropped! I sent you a Prezi in your email. "I didn't get it. Are you sure?"  I told her I would resend it. She watched it and later told me she had not finished it, but enjoyed what she saw so far. She gave me a glowing evaluation, and loved the PREZI. Thank you Full Sail!

I have spent this year searching apps on my iPhone and iPad. I have used the program Reflection to project my iPad and my iPhone on my Promethean Board. The program works great.  Some Apps I have been using- iBehavewell, Data Tracker, B Counter, Evernote (my note taking home), egrader, easy grade.

If was not so buried in paperwork as a special education teacher I would probably be doing a lot more. It is frustrating to have little time to be creative while trying to keep up with the pages and pages of work. Ok enough said. I'm tired.
Thanks for reading.

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