Thursday, October 6, 2011

BP_4 Tagxedo

Wow What a cool Web 2.0 tool - TAGXEDO! What a fun program. This tool is great to use in my classroom setting because it allows me to challenge my kids to use descriptive words about themselves. My goal is to have them create a TAGEXDO with a shape and list of words that represent them, then display them around the room. It is going to be a lot of fun.

When i first opened the site, I was a little confused on how to to actually start the process, but after a few clicks I was able to figure it out. What is great about this tool, you can share this not only has a picture, but you can have it printed onto all sorts of media - cups, shirts, t-shirts, sweat shirt. It trully can be a persons keep sake.
Entering the word list was the hardiest part. the rest was very easy. The other section of the site was was very easy to follow with drop down menus. There were clear choices to make. I highly recommend this program. Wanna see what I made?
Why did I choose this figure and what is it all about??

See Y'all.


  1. Wow, I thought wordle was cool! Tagxedo seems more along my alley because the user is able to manipulate the word list into desired shapes. Awesome find David!

  2. Interesting way to display a descriptive image of yourself. I would like to use it in my classroom to see what kids can come up with. To us the tools and the way to input information some times is very difficult, but to them...for some reason...they get it faster. Great tool David!

  3. Very cool, David! I'm going to try this one next!