Saturday, October 8, 2011


Yes I have completed the video training, and really enjoyed it.Here is the copy of my certificate. I viewed the last sections on sharing, and that was very straight forward.

I really did have a good time watching this training video material. I look forward to using more of the many features down the road in this masters program. 

Here is my final video for this project.

    I hope you enjoyed my trip to the BIG APPLE!
I should explain how I did the green screen. I did not have a wall available that was green but I did have my Promethean Interactive White Board in my classroom. I made the board green! and used that to tape my video BUT as you can see the video picked up the refreshing of the white board! Oh well not perfect but the important thing is I know how to use the green screen tool and I could make another on with no problems.

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  1. David,

    I love the video. That is too funny! I was wondering though about how you were able to video your car ride though. Did you have some type of stand or something loaded on the dashboard, because it seemed quite steady and stable in terms of camera view. I can't wait to see more videos.