Saturday, October 22, 2011


In my earlier Blog entries PE_4 and 5 it was clear that I was having trouble with assignment. I was to introduce a Relevant and Innovative Learning Scenario using a Web 2.0 tool. The tool I chose to use was  a word mapping site. My school district blocked this site because it is a web tool, and the district filter will not allow the use of Freeware. I spent over an week and half working with our technology department to get the site unblocked. In the end they ended up calling the support people from our filter and working with them. As of yesterday the site was still blocked.

I now have worked on an alternative assignment to do. I will be posting my RILS revised plan and a video about how Tagxedo works and can be used in your classroom.

Relevant and Innovative Learning Scenario
David Mouri

Corrected RILS

·      Target Audience
o   The target audiences are my special needs students in the Freeport High School Life Skills Program. These students represent IQ’s ranges from 41 to 65, disabilities including, Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cognitively Disabled, and Tourette’s Syndrome. Ages 14 to 20. Reading Grade Levels range from pre-primer to 3rd grade fluency and 2nd grade comprehension. The RILS will be used during 2nd hour of a 7 hour day of classes.

·      Materials

o   Instructor
o   Promethean Interactive Whiteboard
o   1 teacher pen
o   2 student pens
o   Internet Access – Windows Explorer

o   URL:
§  Youtube Tutorial of Tagxedo.

o   The definition of an adjective for display on the whiteboard so students can see what it means.
o   Have students then write a definition in their own words.
o   Have students draw a picture to illustrate the meaning of the word.
o   Examples of descriptive words about the themselves “I am tall” , “ I have blue eyes and brown hair”
o   Microsoft Word Open to a blank page document

o   Students
o   Computer with Microsoft Word Open to Blank document
o   Scratch Paper
o   Pencil

·      Objectives
o   At the end of this activity students will be able to display
o   Knowledge – of what an adjective is
o   Comprehension - Make a list of adjectives that describe themselves
o   Application – Will use Tagxedo to display their descriptive adjectives to represent themselves in the shape of their choosing or their own still picture.
o   Synthesis – Descriptive words will be displayed in the shapes of their choice. Students will be able to explain why they chose that shape, and what key words stand out the most that describe who they are.
o   Evaluation – Students will be able to evaluate and make comments about each others Tagxedo

·      Procedure
o   Make sure a definition of the word Adjective is displayed on a whiteboard or SMART board for the students to see.
o   Have a short discussion about the definition and give some examples. “I am six feet tall, and weigh 145lbs”
o   Put a picture of a boy and or girl up. Present a list of adjectives on the board about each picture. Have students take turns coming to the board and dragging the adjective to the correct pictures.
o   Put the list on the board.
o   Put the picture of ME  (Mr. Mouri) Have the students write down adjectives that describe Mr. Mouri
o   Have the students write 5 adjectives that describe themselves on a piece of paper. Make sure their name is on the paper
o   Pull out one paper and read it slowly and have the students guess the student you are reading about.
o   Give the students some more time and have them write 5 more words about themselves.
o   When they have completed this list they should have a list of 10 words.
o   Next have the students write down other personal information:
§  Name
§  Address
§  Age
§  Place of Birth
§  County they live in
§  Brothers and Sisters Names
§  Parents Names
§  Height
§  Weight
o   Present them with the Tagxedo example. Explain to the students what they are going to do.
o   Show the Tagxedo made with screenflow video.
o   After they complete the task and have their tagxedo printed and displayed, challenge the students to one more task.
o   Have student’s pair up and challenge them to use adjectives to describe their partner. “Michael is tall” give some examples and refer back to what they said about Mr. Mouri’s picture.
o   They are to choose each others shape based on they list of adjectives they came up with. The list should have 10 words on it.
·      Emergent Technology (Web 2.0 Tool)
o   Tagxedo is a word-mapping tool that allows the students to be creative using words they come up with. They can choose a font, color and shape to represent their words they came up with about themselves.

·      Social Participation/Social Learning
o   Interactive discussion with teacher about the definition
o   Groups discussion – Describing Mr. Mouri – List words on whiteboard
o   Student participation with dragging the adjectives to the correct picture
o   Students working with a partner to come up adjectives about each other.

·      Making Connections
o   Students previous knowledge of personal information – Name, address,
place of birth, family members.
o   Information about themselves is something they are asked to fill out on forms, assignments, interview process, IEP meetings
o   Word Map will present themselves to their fellow students and with parents
·      Create/Produce
o   Students will produce one Tagxedo about themselves using their own words
o   Students will produce one Tagxedo about their partner
·      Assessment
o   Students would have been able to write their own definition of what a adjective is
o   Students will have drawn a picture that reminds them of the definition
o   Students will be able to drag the correct adjective to the correct picture
o   Students will be able to describe Mr. Mouri
o   Students will come up with 10 words describing themselves
o   Students will come up with 10 words to describe their partner
o   Students will produce two Tagxedos
·      Reflection
o   Students will reflect on how they like the activity, what they learned, and how they like their Tagxedo. Comments will be placed in their PENZU journals.
o   Teacher will fill out an evaluation sheet narrative on the lesson. Personally I will place my comments on my blog.

Materials Needed: Computer Workstation, Internet connection, Piece of paper to record personal information on, Picture of Mr. Mouri and a Boy to project on Promethean Board, Promethean Board Pen and blank Flipchart.

Here is a video of how you can use Tagxedo. I hope you can use it in your classroom



  1. Dave,
    What a shame that your district blocked such a great learning tool. This would be a lesson that I would be able to use in my classroom. I will have to check on Monday if I can access it. I do hope that once your problem is resolved, you still implement it in your classroom. I think that your students would love it!
    Good Luck!

  2. It's interesting reading the different blogs from different teachers. I just commented on someone else's blog saying that I was surprised that her school didn't block Facebook. This is also the 2nd time I've run across tagxedo, so I'm definitely going to check it out. Good luck getting the site to work!